Survival Urban to Wasteland

There are many areas of survival.

There are many areas of survival. This book is unique; it focuses on a long-term survival strategy that considers your family’s survival, the most important thing on earth. It teaches you a strategy of the secrets of how you live and die in times like these. The book takes you through current survival scenarios and teaches you about a pattern of survival using Native Americans as an example. It also covers shelter, fire, food, and water and what to expect, but goes into detail about the kits you need to put together for each of those four areas, plus kits for four secondary areas that include first aid, navigation, tools, and security. You will also discover keys to sharpshooting, the best 7 pistols for combat and self-defense, as well as key information about hand-to-hand combat and a forward looking strategy on training, information about guerilla warfare, specifics on food storage and how to do it, solar storms, and a long-term survival strategy to cope with the natural calamities that currently face us, including impending food shortages (they have begun), power-grid failure, and natural disasters.

Chapter 1: Introduction

Chapter 2: Survival Scenario 1

Chapter 3: Survival Scenario 2

Chapter 4: A Pattern for Survival – Native Americans

Chapter 5: Eight Primary Considerations for Survival

Chapter 6: Shelter-Fire-Water-Food

Chapter 7: Top 7 Carry, Self-Defense, and Combat Pistols

Chapter 8: Long-Range Sharpshooting

Chapter 9: Fundamentals of Shooting Through Glass

Chapter 10: Situational Awareness

Chapter 11: Hand-to-Hand Combat (H2HC)

Chapter 12: Training – What you know vs What you Don’t

Chapter 13: Guerilla Warfare

Chapter 14: Food Storage Specifics and Preparation

Chapter 15: Solar Storms

Chapter 16: Long-term Survival Strategy