Speed-Strength for MMA: Fighting Power

In MMA (mixed martial arts), speed of strike(s) and its technique, because it is crucial, is held in highest esteem. Developing increased fighting power will yield greater speed, strength, and power. You need speed and strength now—how do you get this fighting power?

The MMA sport-specific, speed-strength training presented herein closely matches the competitive and physical demands of MMA performance and competition because these principles and methods meet the exact energetic, psychological, metabolic, and nervous-system requirements necessary to obtain MMA fighting power, whether it be in the ring, training in the gym or dojo, in a street confrontation, in a UFC Title Bout, or for a World-Class Full-Contact Match.

Apply these concepts and principles now! Develop phenomenal speed, strength, and power. Become the MMA champion you have always wanted to be.

The MMA sport-specific strength training programs described herein will:

(1)    Increase your useable strength 25-35 percent, perhaps more;

(2)   Teach you the best science-based resistance training methods for MMA for more dynamic, fluid, and powerful strikes, grappling, and motions;

(3)   Train you to design your own professional level sport-specific MMA training programs to enhance fluidity of motion, timing, and defensive and offensive responses;

(4)   Provide you short and long-range preparation methods for competitive and non-competitive MMA;

(5)   Increase your bio-mechanical muscle recruitment efficiency yielding greater power by producing more force;

(6)    Teach you cutting-edge recovery techniques to prevent overtraining and injury, and much, much more!