Golf Fitness…

Welcome to the 2017 edition of Golf Fitness from Tee to Green.

A golf swing should be done with the entire body:


The speed-strength training presented herein closely matches and emulates the physical demands of golf, allowing both mind and body to link for that powerful, long drive. These programs will enhance your entire game. Unlike slow-paced training regimens such as bodybuilding, these programs and exercises meet the exact psychological, metabolic, nervous system, and energy requirements of professional golf.

These programs will:

  • Increase your drive distance 20 to 30 yards or more
  • Link both mind and body for a more powerful, dynamic, and fluid swing
  • Increase precision during tee off and for the short game
  • Enhance club control at all times during play
  • Increase bio-mechanical muscle recruitment for best swing—full body recruitment
  • Enhance the ability to focus over long periods

Finally, the first complete strength-training book for golf!