Jagged Grass

Bestseller from the author of “Sun God’s Treasure.” His most compelling Native American saga

Emerging from the Florida Everglades after their third war against the United States Government, the Seminole Tribe had lost their identity and so, began anew, making their living by catering to tourists. A cultural shift that decades later on a very hot, humid summer day put Billie Panther and several other Indians in a dangerous predicament, capturing a large alligator for the wrestling pit of the Hollywood Reservation. Holding onto the head of the gator, blood gushing from multiple wounds, covered from head to foot in black muck, Billie believed he had found a better way. For years he had sought sustaining employment for his people on the remote Reservation of Big Cypress where jobs were difficult to find, hope even harder. Nearing completion of negotiations with business mogul Paul Lorio, Billie was about to realize his dreams. Or was he? Billie, Tribal Councilman of the Panther clan, is pitted against modern challenges and a mafia adversary to preserve his dignity, the heritage of his people, and the love of Christina through a course of events that would lead to intrigue, mystery, romance, and murder, and from which there would be no turning back. An airboat ambush would result in a fatal struggle between two men who would stop at nothing to achieve their goals and to win at any cost.