Sun God’s Treasure

…Wassaja Yazzi (Wind Doctor), Medicine Man over all Diné Bikéyah, grew to maturity in a harsh land of earth, air, fire, and water—keeper of “Sun God’s Treasure.”

Wassaja Yazzi (Wind Doctor) is Medicine Man over all Diné Bikéyah—keeper of “Sun God’s Treasure.” His son Totsoni forfeits his life to initiate an ancient legend. Leaving behind twins, he becomes the Mediator between Sun God and this realm. To avoid persecution due to his American heritage, Tsosie was sent to live with his Navajo grandfather Wassaja (wise and compassionate). Mushashi was raised by his Japanese grandfather Yoshio Miyamoto (cold and ruthless) who blamed Navajo wind talkers for the death of his son during the war — he swore eternal revenge — to unearth the legend and the treasure, to destroy the Navajo people. As Yoshio gets ever closer to the treasure and all seems lost, the twins, fearing the wrath of Monster Slayer, race against time and world destruction. An epic story of the compassion of one grandfather versus the hatred of the other. Through the intercession of spirit warriors, Monster Slayer and Sun God, it is not until deaths and booby traps take their toll that Yoshio Miyamoto learns the true price of hatred!