90 Days to a New You

Welcome to the 2017 edition of 90 Days to a New You: Total-Body Makeover.

This book will empower you to become your own fitness expert, as well as a master of essential nutrition. It will teach you why and how to follow specific guidelines for fitness and nutrition. More importantly, it will help you transform your physical self—in 90 Days—to a new fit you; a total body makeover. All that is required is a consistent personal effort, not lots of money or gimmicks as you would think—this book is a do-it yourself recipe.

You will learn:

The 7 Keys of Weight Loss
The Big 7 Health and Fitness Myths
The Power of Commitment
The Keys for Weight Control
How Much, What, and When to Eat
The Enemy of Weight Loss—Sugar
The Basics of Nutrition and How to Plan a Menu
And, Much More

The book also includes one month of pre-planned, novice-level workouts. Additional, professionally designed workouts, are available from our partner at MyHealthandFitness.com.

What are you waiting for? Start your total body makeover today!