The Stonehenge Effect

Mysterious metal monoliths randomly pop up around the world linked to Ley lines and a super collider from which mysterious signals are sent to the great Pyramids of Giza then relayed to Stonehenge. Scientists unearth numerous ancient structures linked to the same locations and seven other historic sites. A quiet meeting is held in the Oval by President Armstrong, the Vice President, and Mitch Daniels, technical lead for DARPA who informs the two leaders about a global catastrophe within 250 days. They need a man capable of fixing things quickly when the chips are down. Super spy Jackson Black is assigned to solve the problem but is first required to eliminate a cleric in Iraq then take several classes to hone his travel skills: one being quantum physics. Professor Alexander Hughes opens his eyes to the potential disaster they face — the destruction of earth. Only Jackson and his partner agent, Sonja Erickson can prevent global cataclysm and eliminate those causing it. The two are sent back in time to destroy the tomb of a demigod; it is the only way. Jackson and Sonja face one major problem; their old nemesis CLUB DREAD stands in the way!