Daughter of the Premier

Premier Lien Shaozeng, the second most powerful man in China, is head of the Central People’s Government, China’s executive organ. The Vice Premiers, five State Councilors, Secretary-General, and 26 ministers were appalled, calling for blood. The Premier’s 17-year-old daughter has been kidnapped. A note found in her room read ‘Comply or She Dies.’ At once after the disappearance, the President ordered all of China’s borders sealed and grounded all flights. Mounting evidence pointed to involvement by the U.S. Government. President Armstrong assured the Premier, President, and National People’s Congress the U.S. had nothing to do with it. Jackson Black, America’s best spy, was assigned to work directly with the Ministry of State Security of the CCP and avert what surely would turn into nuclear war. Jackson, under presidential orders, was determined to bring those responsible to justice or die trying. Unravelling threads of intelligence, he came face to face with the powerful corporation who had enacted and carried out the kidnapping. The conspiracy seemed to have no end, involving congressmen and other heads of state who would employ murder, bombing, and torture to see their agenda, the biggest surprise of all, through to the end.