Indian Law

It had taken Li Na years to find her family’s killers with the help of Genesis of the FPF, whose fiancé had also been ordered killed by the same man. It shocked them to discover they were on the trail of General Ye Bocheng of the People’s Liberation Army Ground Force and leader of multiple Chinese triads. He wielded power with an iron fist and was as ruthless as he was intelligent. Entrenched near the Chinese coastline on a military outpost, he was virtually untouchable. A CIA deep cover operative discovered the general was planning an annihilating attack on the U.S. power grid. He had been killed directly after sending his message to Langley. The mission of revenge had changed to a critical matter of saving a nation’s infrastructure and the chaos that would ensue if the general succeeded. Li Na and Genesis would need to use every spycraft trade in the book to succeed and stay alive. Genesis jumped into enemy territory the night before using a wingsuit to find a suitable location for infiltration. Li Na, leading a small eight-man crew, HALO jumped from the plane; she and her crew wondered if Genesis was still alive and what awaited them in the darkness below.