Imagine being able to handle almost any critical defense or survival situation you are confronted with!

Don’t just give it your best shot — Overcome the odds! Project Endure will help you do just that. HANDS ON! No time for second guessing!

Today is the day of reality TV, would-be experts, and those who expound greatly on things, which in fact they know little about. One can learn anything on the Internet or so they tell you. While you may become familiar with something on the Internet, it is unlikely in a critical situation that you could actually perform the required task during a critical time frame or crisis. In some situations, that will mean the difference between your life or your death. You do not read a book with the cover closed — the best way to learn something is in person; up close and personal. However, often the cost is out of reach of the average person (about $2,000 for course, transportation, lodging, and food) which, is one of the reasons we rely so much on the Internet.

Project Endure teaches 6 phases in 40 plus different modules on how you can survive and function in almost any situation, especially as society descends into chaos. From treating water and growing food to personal and home defense; from black rifle and pistol training to extreme long-range marksmanship and soft target interdiction to 2,000+ yards; from unarmed self-defense and hand-to-hand combat to evading technology and blanket and knife survival.

Whether it be surviving a collapsed economy (which just happened in Venezuela), civil unrest, natural disaster, solar EMP, or another crisis, Project Endure will teach you the skills to prepare, mitigate, recover and survive and then some. More importantly the confidence from knowing these skills will spill into your everyday life.

How will you learn? As in ancient days when Martial-Arts instructors traveled from village to village to teach their students so too is it with Project Endure — the instructor comes to you — one-on-one instruction! Your instructor teaches the best of the best and is the one THEY call: special ops groups, survivalist instructors, snipers, tactical strategy, and many others; he is a teachers teacher.

The instruction consists of personal training sessions, lectures and discussion, hands-on practice, and more. The benefits are simple — the cost is very affordable and you remember what you learn, which is done by practicing it, not by looking at a video. You get to choose 3-5 initial modules as a group for instruction over a 2-6 day process in mixed-time environments that cater to your busy lifestyle and needs. And, if something is not clear, the instructor is face-to-face with you for your question(s) and to make it clear.

After hands-on instruction, membership, for continued instruction and learning, is $19.95 per month, however, it is restricted to 5,000 members chosen by current members. To qualify for traveling instruction there must be a minimum of 10 students per location but, no more than 20. For groups larger than 20, multiple course are conducted to ensure personal instruction. Contact us for more information.

Note: All knowledge sharing about Project Endure, including preparedness scenario’s, articles, and so forth require a membership to view them. Information about upcoming classes will be posted in the ‘Preparedness‘ category. Current course offerings in your area will be posted in the classes section. Only when a course/class is listed in this section are you allowed to register for it. If you want to plan a course for your area or group, please contact us.

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