3-Day Black Rifle


This is a 3-day black rifle course that will teach you all the basics of safely and effectively using an AR-15/M-4 Type black rifle with hands-on experience. This course is for civilians. If you are law enforcement, we do not mix you with civilians; contact us for a separate course for LE. Family and friends discounts apply. Lodging and meals are provided and you will remain onsite during the course.

You will be firing live ammunition and a variety of shooting scenarios and positions. Thus you will need to bring certain gear; we will send you a list of items to bring prior to the course. And, as with our other shooting and survival courses, the goal of this course is to prepare the individual for potentially deadly encounters!

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CIVARA’s Survival Training School uses this 3-day black-rifle course to teach you not only the basics of safe handling and shooting of your rifle, but also the principles and tactics involved to keep you safe, your loved ones safe, and your home safe. We help prepare civilians for self-protection and deadly force encounters. Do you know how to perform home or building entry safely? Let us teach you, along with many other concepts – slings, vests, optics, rifle and ammunition types, dynamic-move shooting, and much more. From basic safety and firearms handling to stance, sight alignment, trigger control, target selection, practical shooting and evaluation plus more, we will help vastly improve your skills and techniques.

This course is instructed near Trinidad, Colorado at 7,000 feet elevation. Lodging and Meals are provided on site. You will learn through hands-on-training during this 3-day course; this is not video training.

Course is limited to 8 individuals and is taught at 7,000 in southern Colorado. Please contact us for questions and or more information.