3-Day All-Hazards Survival Introduction


This 3-day course covers all the basics of shelter, fire, water, food, tools, some basic first aid, security and many other aspects needed to get you started on the right path to survival.

Course is limited to 8 students. Please contact us for the next course schedule. Family and friends discounts apply. Tired of being locked down at home due to Covid-19? Hit the road for a family trip and lots of fun. Please contact us for more information or with any questions you may have.



This course is a 3-day primer about the principles, concepts, and survival items that are needed to stay alive in a survival situation and the skills you need to master to endure almost any ordeal. The principles discussed here are all taught, along with many others, at CIVARA’s Survival Training School in southern Colorado at 7,000 feet. This course covers the basic essentials of shelter, fire, water, food, equipment, packs, map and compass, living off the land, first aid, and combat pistol selection and use. Being prepared means not panicking – NEVER PANIC IN A CRISIS SITUATION!

This course is instructed near Trinidad, Colorado and is limited to 8 students. Lodging and Meals are provided on site. You will learn through hands-on-training during this 3-day course; this is not video training.

Upon sign up, you will be given a basic list of necessary items to bring to the course. For more information, please fill out our contact form.