The preparedness section focuses on issues that will help you prepare for almost any crisis. It focuses on background issues about hazards from technological, natural, and man-made causes – from terrorism to food shortage, to massive civil unrest and so much more. This section gives tidbits to Project Endure, which is comprised of 6 phases and more than 32 module courses that impart knowledge to survive a crisis. Be prepared or die, it will eventually be that simple. It’s not about just guns, stored food, and ammunition.

Eventually, you will come to a point where you use your hands and your brain to pit yourself against the epitome of survival. What will that be? Should you enroll in Project Endure, the instructor comes directly to your general location. It is a journey you will begin, for which you will learn and perform hands-on-practice while in class, how to survive in any critical situation. So, you want to shoot up to 2,000 yards and beyond, we’ll teach you. You want to survive with just a blanket and knife and your wits, we’ll teach you. You want to survive in the harshest environments and return to civilization, we’ll teach you. Black rifles, edged weapons, unarmed combat, water, food production, solar storms and much, much more. As was said, it’s more than about stored food and guns and ammo because when the stores close, those supplies will only last a short period. Then, what will you do?