About Dr. Tindall

Dr. Tindall holds BS, MS, PhD (Physics and Engineering), and M.A. degrees (the latter and latest from the United States Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California). He has performed extensive work relevant to international affairs and global strategies and a strategic focus in relation to water and water security, energy, and food resources and their systems and global infrastructure, which includes their role in the environment, policy and governance, economics, and public health, as well as their interdependence with homeland and national security. An example is the New Nicaragua Canal and its global, strategic relations in these areas, which he co-authored a research paper on in January 2014 suggesting renewal of U.S. relations with Cuba due to security footholds being established in Latin America by China and Russia.

His interests merge these matters within a systems and resiliency/sustainability framework involving a national and global engagement process with agencies, governments, corporations, militaries, universities, and others. This also includes all related S&T issues. Dr. Tindall has participated as delegation lead in the Middle East Peace Process and has worked extensively in these areas in the U.S., China (various ministries), Europe (Germany, Hungary, and Romania), and Central and South America (Ministries of Defense and large city governments in Brazil, Chile, El Salvador, Guatemala, and Nicaragua). In his Middle East Peace Process involvement he was told by the U.S. State Department to just go through the motions because they had not been successful in obtaining cooperation. By the end of the second day participants from Jordan, Palestine and Israel were communicating readily with each other over happy-hour camaraderie. Later Dr. Tindall was told it was the most successful participation too date in the process.

He served as technical advisor for Romania on environmental protocols in its attempt to join the European Union, which was successful in January 2007. He also has authored 2 texts, 62 peer-reviewed articles, and served as major professor for 53 Master’s and Doctoral students at various universities, but he is far from being an academic.

He builds trust, negotiates, influences the development of strategies and business direction, manages interdependencies, and provides leadership for implementing solutions, including performance metrics and operational methodologies, to solve difficult problems associated with the environment, water, food, energy, the economy, critical infrastructures, national security, education, and policy – along global engagement concerns. This includes work in related sectors with extensive experience in the private, government, academic and entrepreneurial areas.

Working extensively in global resources and related industries he has extensive experience in security (physical, cyber, IT, etc.), energy, water, healthcare, emergency management, manufacturing, and agriculture. There is not one industry that is not interconnected to these, even entertainment. He also provides training in a wide variety of areas (see bio) including physical and strategic security. All conversations with clients or potential clients remain strictly confidential – it is a matter of trust.

To a great many, the observance of a profession, area of expertise, field of study, personal or corporate problem, or endeavor is looked upon singularly, as if no other outside forces affect the issue at hand. For Dr. Tindall, this singular-minded approach clouds clear thinking and reduces development, creativity, and effectiveness of potential solutions, whether you’re making a movie or running a corporation. Like the movement of a fine watch, each part, while significant in itself is both dependent and interdependent on and with all others. So, it is true of life – your problems, goals, and ideas are interdependent with many other areas, processes, and unseen factors that touch upon and surround it/you. Dr. Tindall’s focus therefore is not on the singular, but on the whole, on the system – to determine how other interdependent factors weigh on resolving problems. It is about systems atop systems, atop other systems. You should be able to see the problem with clarity, regardless of the number of systems. Train yourself to think 3D, which will take you about 12-15 years. This will translate into unparalleled problem solving skills.

Like it or not, agree with it or not, trust and knowledge both trump money. Trust builds efficiency and cuts cost, whereas knowledge allows better approaches to problems (and other things) and also cuts cost through building efficiency in effectiveness of solutions, i.e., a better way to do something. Aren’t we all looking for a better way to . . . ? Joined together, trust and specific types of knowledge are formidable skill sets. While you may not always have money, you will have some or a great deal of knowledge, which can be readily converted to money. Neither comes by assmosis, but through dedicated effort. Consequently, Dr. Tindall’s initial goal is to build trust. Earning your trust is a key to helping you have confidence in the solution(s) he develops for you or your entity. Greater degrees of complexity require greater amounts of trust.

We are all equal in time only. The average adult spends 30 hours per week watching television. What would happen if that time were used more constructively? As an example, it has been proven that if one diligently practiced a guitar for one year, 30 minutes each day, he or she would be playing at a semi-professional level. That is astounding and you would still have 26.5 hours remaining to do something else. What would happen if you used this time to build new skills sets, a new business, write a novel, or a 1,000 other things? You are what you spend your time doing.

Frequently, Dr. Tindall is asked how he can develop solutions to problems so well. He not only has a knack for it, but has spent a great deal of time learning skills, studying, and attempting to foster better ways of doing things and linking interdependencies of many issues that foster problems. Thus far, he has amassed the equivalent of, in addition to the four college degrees he possesses (including a Ph.D. in physics and engineering), more than another 7 full bachelor’s degrees. Consequently, he is able to see relations others do not when solving problems. Coupled with the huge amount of time spent mentoring, teaching many different kinds of courses, and a wide variety of industries, Dr. Tindall has learned a lot about people, individually and group wise, and how individual actions, culture, and mindsets link together.

“All things are connected, whether you want them or believe them to be or not!”

Quotes about Dr. T from some of his more famous clients he has counseled:
I’ve met a lot of great people in my life. Should you get a chance to meet Jim, while quite intimidating, he is arguably the most interesting man in the world. Tony Hillerman (American Author – Tony, along with Jacob Osceola encouraged Dr. Tindall to write Jagged Grass – he is indebted to both).

We talk for hours as occasion allows… Jim has the most creative mind I know. If ever there were a renaissance man, it’s him. Never a dull moment and I appreciate his privacy rule. He has never broken it. Bob Guccione (American Publisher, founder of Penthouse).

Jimbo is one complicated dude. I don’t know anyone who understands so much and has such a scary, uncanny ability to put it all together. As a confidant, he helps me when no one else can. Doesn’t matter if it’s business, ranching, football, supply lines, or something else, Jimbo’s my man. We always work it out. Clinton Manges (Texas Oil Tycoon, San Antonio).

In politics and security there are many problems. I can count on Jim for solutions and counsel. He truly has a global grasp of the awful troubles we face with so many at risk of destabilizing forces. Jim is the wild card that will trump the balance in times of global stress. His remarkable grasp of complex and far reaching issues is why I turn to him when I need a sounding board. Jim does not mince words, one of the few whom has earned my sincere respect. He is the secret in my closet. Robert Byrd (Senator, West Virginia).

“I commanded the 169th Fires Brigade in Mosul, Iraq. Fearing for my safety, Jim volunteered to protect me unfortunately, DoD policy wouldn’t allow it. Jim is a remarkable man; a three dimensional thinker, he’s a cross between Einstein and Ghengis Kahn, brilliant on one hand; merciless on the other. We call him ‘death’s shadow’ – use your imagination. While he would be perfectly suited training Delta Force personnel, Lord knows we could use the help, he’s just as at home in the board room, negotiating with the toughest group, working with the elite, or speaking to the most brilliant minds on the planet. He’s a visionary and yet, at the same time one of the most brilliant and most dangerous men in the world. The nature of his friendships requires these traits. He is an enigma; takes no sides or prisoners. A real ‘Man’s Man,’ his counsel and friendship is a privilege.” Colonel Ken Lull (Former Commander 169th Fires Brigade – formerly 157th Infantry; first Fires Brigade to deploy with an active duty division in combat – objective: counterinsurgency).

Speaking/Training Engagements:
Dr. Tindall has a dear friend; together they decided to learn everything they could about the financial markets, how to invest, day trade, etc. In addition to the 2-years time spent from 5:00 p.m. until about 1:00 a.m. during Market days Monday-Friday they invested $50,000 each. In the end, the money was well spent, but the price for learning was high, especially when balancing daily work and other activities. This price in time and money was an opportunity cost, but has paid for itself many times over.

If you were to ask Lisa Bransdorf of the Greater Talent Network to hire Neil Gaiman (the science fiction writer) to give a speech to your group or event, the fee would be $45,000, perhaps more. President Bill Clinton would cost this much for less than 10 minutes.

The fee is high because of opportunity cost, which can be defined as the cost related to the next-best choice available to someone who has picked among several mutually exclusive choices. Opportunity cost is a key concept in economics, and in relations and relationships, and has been described as expressing the basic relation between scarcity and choice; it plays a critical role in ensuring that scare resources are used efficiently. Therefore, opportunity costs are not restricted to only monetary or financial costs, they can be very personal – the real costs of output, lost time, pleasure, or other benefit that provides value should also be considered opportunity costs. As an example, you could either buy yourself a $70 fine cigar or 2 glasses of cognac. If you buy the cigar the opportunity cost is the cognac; if you buy the cognac, the opportunity cost is the cigar! Or, you could invest $20,000 in stocks. The opportunity cost of this decision, to invest in the stock, is the value of the interest – gained or lost. Your success mandates that you understand this principle soundly.

Dr. Tindall is a very busy person and has other things that are higher on his priority list than speaking or training. For the public good he is generally available. Others engagements are through negotiation. Bottom line – the opportunity cost to you in any endeavor can be significant. Choose wisely.


Author, Businessman, Entrepreneur, Scientist
Dr. Tindall was raised on Big Cypress Reservation in the heart of the Florida Everglades. As a kid he hunted wild turkeys and deer and had lots of fun running barefoot through blackberry brier patches chasing wild pigs. As a boy and teenager he and his brothers and friends earned money wrestling alligators for tourists and from training horses for several local ranches. He also worked for his father after the military doing other cool jobs like pushing sealed 55-gallon fuel drums by hand ¼ to ½ mile down snake and alligator inhabited canals in 4-feet deep water to get fuel to drag-lines helping to construct a network of irrigation and drainage canals in the Florida Everglades. He also set explosives to fracture rock in the canals for removal, and got to see lots of cottonmouth moccasins up close and personal.

He has worked in a variety of positions and is an honorably discharged veteran of the U.S. Army with experiences in intelligence, demolitions, and rifle marksmanship. His degrees are listed above, as well as his basic professional area. He maintains a daily schedule of roughly 20-hour days through habit.

Dr. Tindall has performed extensive work in strategy, science & technologies, management processes, and operations relevant to global security and business issues and interdependencies with water, energy, food security and drought mitigation, commodity supply lines, infectious disease, public policy, critical infrastructure key resources (CIKR), and cascading effects of regional and country-scale proportions of complex systems including social media. His interests merge with intelligence and links to terrorism, technology, cascading failures and forecasting, business and security strategy, social network analysis, vulnerabilities, risk, operational resiliency, and continuity of operations at country and global scales, especially their economic effects – in linking it all together, i.e., convergence of business and technological issues from many areas. His continual goal has been to relate all of these from a business management and interconnected perspective. He became involved in this work initially through tactical security and combat martial arts, even serving with the U.S. Army Rifle Team at the Marksmanship Training Unit in Grafenwohr, Germany, where he was trained by Captain Bill Schumacher, the best shot in the U.S. Armed Forces at the time, having been the only American to win the Swiss National Matches. Gradually, Jim began a shift to more complex strategic issues, even though he still trains others in unarmed to armed combat, combat pistol, tactical and long-range rifle, and wilderness survival and tracking.

Dr. Tindall has participated in the Middle East Peace Process, working extensively in these areas nationally and internationally – with the DoD, in China with various ministries, Europe (Germany, Hungary, and Romania), and Latin America with the Ministries of Civil Defense in El Salvador, as well as large city governments in Brazil, Chile, Guatemala, and Nicaragua through conference workshops and executive training seminars, helping to moderate and chair successful discussions. During his work with the Middle East Peace Process, the U.S. Department of State told him, “Don’t expect much, the participants never cooperate with each other.” And, yet, Dr. Tindall was very successful at getting them to do so, i.e., Jordanians, Palestinians, and Israeli’s. He has also worked extensively with Native American tribal groups, primarily in economic development and sustainability issues, as well as Homeland Security and CIKR. More specifically his expertise relates to how complex system failures affect large-scale economic, ecosystem, sustainability, people, small business, and security issues and developing solutions for these problems. The BP oil-well blow out in the Gulf of Mexico is an example.

James has practical knowledge and experiences surrounding a wide range of disciplines, as well as numerous accomplishments as an entrepreneur and businessman, having founded multiple businesses. He is fondly known as The Renaissance Man by his peers. His clients aptly call him ‘the fix-it man‘ because of his uncommon ability to develop solutions for the most complex problems – business, personal, and industrial. However, his friends refer to him as the man who never sleeps.

Companies Founded/Co-Founded:
James has founded/co-founded 7 companies, which partially include:

TinMore Institute, LLC (a think tank specializing in effective, complex-issue resolutions associated with creative intelligence, global resources security, energy and water security, information and knowledge management, S&T, and how economics and related factors play extremely interdependent critical roles. www.tinmore.com

My Health and Fitness, LLC (specializes in empowering people to be their own expert in fitness, health, nutrition, and training). An on-going endeavor. Due to officially launch on September 1, 2015. www.myhealthandfitness.com

HaF Social, LLC is a social site for active and healthy Coloradans and people around the country and around the world. Officially began beta testing on July 6, 2015. www.hafsocial.com

CIVARA Associates, LLC (a security solutions firm dealing with tactical to strategic security issues). www.civara.com

United States Kenpo Karate Association (an International Martial Arts group founded in 1989 teaching the Ed Parker Kenpo System). www.uskka.com

He is also founder of other companies that shall not presently be listed including an international journal on water and energy security, a transnational resources company working in 7 key areas, and others.

Personal Projects:
The MENTOR PROJECT (a place for mentees to find mentors in all areas of life and study)

PROJECT ENDURE (limited membership of 5,000 – only members are allowed access and gain knowledge of project scope)

Professional Positions Held:
Adjunct Professor – graduate level (5 universities) focusing on business management and international strategy perspectives and applications to the real world of all areas in which classes were taught.

VIP Protection Professional and Transport Specialist (for one of world’s most exclusive transportation firms)
Chief Strategist (complex systems – effects on economy and environment)
Chief Technology Officer – Viacom Media Firm (directed 53 personnel)
Combat Instructor (CQB and unarmed to armed combat)
Executive Protection Instructor
Farm Manager (large multiple operations)
Lead Scientist
PR and Marketing Director
Professional Trainer (personal trainers, professional athletes, and individuals)
Vice President (consulting firm – directed 350 personnel)

Mentoring Accomplishments:
Served as committee chair for 53 graduate students who received their M.S. and doctoral degrees under his tutelage,
Mentored over 1,000 upper level and graduate students on life, school, and career paths,
Mentored and provided counseling and advice to more than 400 professionals from all walks of life on wide variety of issues including professional athletes, celebrities, oil barons, corporate and political leaders, and others.

Courses Taught

Close Quarters Battle (CQB – armed against armed opponents)
Close Quarters Combat (CQC – unarmed against armed and unarmed opponents)
Combat Kenpo (street style combat – empty hand, edged, and blunt weapons)
Combat Pistol (defense and aggression tactics, marksmanship, and entry)
Iaido (Samurai Swordsmanship – Daito and Shoto)
Kenpo Karate (Parker System, Rank 9th degree black belt, logged over 18,000 hours – teaching – no longer count them)
Kobudo (weapons: Sai, Tonfa, Bo, Kama, Jo, Nunchaku, Nichogama, and Katana)
Long Range Rifle-Soft Target Interdiction (300-2,000 yards, all aspects of precision marksmanship including camouflage and field craft)
Professional Speed-Strength Trainer (of pro and mid-level athletes and pro trainers)
Orienteering (Map & Compass)
Short Range Rifle-Target Interdiction (0-300 yards, entry, dynamic move marksmanship)
Wilderness Survival (arid, semi-arid, and swamp – 12 years)

College Level
The following courses have been taught with a focus on business management in the real world and how related principles, concepts and ideas work toward effective implementation of business strategies, practices that make a difference for the firm, development of solutions that work.

Business and Management:
Business Intelligence and Implementation
Managing Emerging Technologies
Risk Assessment and Vulnerability Analysis
Six Sigma – Lean Management
Societal Impacts on Infrastructure
Social Network Analysis – Building Intelligence
Strategy: Processes, Content, Context

Environmental Sciences:
Environmental Effects and Economic Consequences
Environmental Geology – Effects of Natural Hazards on Business Systems and People
Environmental Systems and Sustainability
Human Impacts on the Environment
Hydrology – Global Water System and it’s Sustainability Trans-Organizational Policy and Governance
Policy and Governance in Environmental Systems Sustainability
Water-Energy Interdependence

Homeland Security:
Critical Infrastructure: Protection and Interdependency of Complex Systems
Domestic Terrorism
Environmental Warfare
Global Resources & International Security: Economic, Environmental, and Physical Warfare Processes
Homeland Security Enterprise
Homeland Security Professional Development
Homeland Security – Role of Complex Systems
Intelligence Analysis – Target Centric
Leadership, Management, and Strategy in Homeland Security Organizational Policy and Governance in Homeland Security
Risk, Resiliency and Innovation in Security Policy
Strategy and Systems Thinking for Homeland Security
Technology in Homeland Security: Threats, Implementation, and Security Convergence
Terrorist Recognition and Networks – Risk Assessments
Water Security – Conflicts, Threats, Policies Water Security, Energy, and Food Strategy for Global Security Processes

Math and Engineering:
Physics & Engineering

How does business management work in all these areas? They are all inherently and inextricably interconnected!

Books & Screenplays

Books Authored:
Water Security: Conflicts, Threats, Policies (2011 – available on Amazon.com; 2nd printing January 2015)
90 Days to a New You: Total Body Makeover, 2012, available on Amazon
Golf Fitness from Tee to Green, 2012, available on Amazon
Nutrition Made Simple, 2012, available on Amazon
Speed Strength Training for MMA: Fighting Power, 2013, available on Amazon
Speed Strength Training for Martial Artists 2nd Edition, 2013, available on Amazon
Speed Strength Training for Martial Artists, 1997 from Wahala Publishing (out of print)
Unsaturated Zone Hydrology for Scientists and Engineers, 1999 from Prentice Hall (out of print)

Novels Authored:
Jagged Grass, 2012, 1st of a trilogy (Jagged Grass, The Transparency, and Indian Law), available on Amazon
Sun God’s Treasure, in final editing stage, release scheduled for late fall 2017
Retribution, forthcoming

Screenplays Authored and Available:
Jagged Grass
Sun God’s Treasure

Stock Trading and Market Analysis
Combat Martial Arts (life or death situations)
5-string Banjo (played professionally; remain active)

About section compiled by Dr. Tindall’s personal publicist.