Birmingham Survival Preparedness: Instructor Background

Birmingham SPSI – Instructor Background

There have been many requests asking about the background of the instructor who will be teaching the Birmingham, Alabama Survival Preparedness Session I. You will find in the instructor a very capable, talented and personable individual. The background of the instructor follows – the skills you need to learn are not lacking on the instructor’s part so, register for the course today – you’ll be glad you did.

Instructor has taught following for 30 years:

  • Archery for Tactical Operations
  • Black Rifle Entry – SWAT Tactics
  • Black Rifle Entry and Home Defense Processes
  • Close Quarters Battle (CQB – armed against armed opponents)
  • Close Quarters Combat (CQC – unarmed against armed and unarmed opponents)
  • Combat Kenpo (street style combat – empty hand, edged, and blunt weapons – up to 8 opponents at once)
  • Combat Pistol (defense and aggression tactics, marksmanship, and entry)
  • Developed Personal Event Management System Framework for Crises Confrontation, Endurance & Survival – for natural, manmade, and technological crises causes
  • Developed small-scale agriculture system to feed family of 7 in temperate climate for 1 year – balanced nutritional diet-currently operation in 8 Latin and South American countries; feed 14 in semi-tropical and 21 in tropical climates
  • Expert in animal, plant and human nutrition
  • Explosives Recognition and Detection
  • Guerrilla Warfare Operations
  • Home Defense and Security
  • Iaido (Samurai Swordsmanship)
  • Kenpo Karate (Parker System, 9th degree black belt, logged over 18,000 hours – teaching)
  • Knife and Sentry Tactics and Implementation
  • Kobudo (weapons: Sai, Tonfa, Bo, Kama, Jo, Nunchaku, Nichogama, and Katana
    Long Range Rifle-Soft Target Interdiction (300-2,500 yards, all aspects of precision marksmanship including camouflage and field craft)
  • Machete Tactics for Survival and Defense
  • Orienteering for Combat (Map & Compass)
  • Professional Speed-Strength Trainer (of pro and mid-level athletes and pro trainers)
  • Short Range Rifle-Target Interdiction (0-300 yards, entry, dynamic move marksmanship)
  • Small Group Warfare
  • Survival with no gear – blanket and homemade knife and less.
  • Survival in Extreme Conditions
  • Taught sniper training to various DoD groups including EOD for explosives detonation.
  • U.S. Army Rifle Team Shooter for 1 year
  • Veteran: Honorably Discharged Veteran from United States Army
  • Warrior Mindset and Psychology
  • Wilderness Survival (all aspects: arid, semi-arid, and swamp – 12 years)

The instructor is what academics and practitioners refer to as a polymath, who also has an extensive background in business, academia, and homeland security. It is unlikely you’ve met someone like him before. Best of all, the instructor is excited to meet you.