Jordan Water Security

Considering neighboring and regional countries in the Middle Ease such as Syria and Egypt, Jordan remain relatively stable, but as with many other countries in the region, suffers from diminished water supplies. As a country Jordan is small in area, but very ambitious in terms of economic growth and development. However, as we know and as Jordan has discovered, the most important factor for continued, strong economic growth, is water. China also discovered this over the past few years and had to completely rethink its strategy for continued economic growth to reach its goal. Jordan has determined to overcome its water-security challenge and has embarked on a series of actions, policies, and projects to ensure meeting future water needs. Working alongside international agencies, private sector and academic institutions in Jordan, the government has adapted a dual approach in dealing with water scarcity (which will extend beyond the initial strategy considerably); an approach that not only focuses on water resources planning and management but also considers water-demand management and, more recently, changes in water pricing. Despite this, a growing population continues to create pressured competition for available water resources. Further­more, demand-management programs are yet to prove effective in a country in which the current water use per capita is already minimal compared to healthy standards; this same issue is faced by Syria, Palestinians, Egypt, etc. Although many challenges lay ahead for Jordan and its neighbors, there is a solution to the water problem they face. It will require buy-in and cooperation from all stakeholders Israel, Syria, Palestinians, etc.) to be achieved, but it will work and will reduce water-security tensions in the area and thus, mitigate overall security threats.